“It’s a double edged sword” yeah no shit dude that’s like 90% of swords

@rufousboi “I don’t know why people say a double-edged sword is bad. It’s a sword. With two edges.” —Kamahl, pit fighter

@rufousboi This and "not all superheroes wear capes" have the same energy

@rufousboi My sword is a pokey pokey rapier with no edges!

... That's why it's also invisible!


Not really thinking there friend, there are even one sided knives that are fairly deadly... meaning a blade is only as good as its weilder and a double edged sword doesnt allways mean superiority, in fact the potential to hurt yourself is far greater, thats where that saying comes from...


Is the advantage of a double edged sword that you can sharpen both edges and then can go twice as long before sharpening again or that doing the stabby stabby is easier?

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